Birch Forest during Midsummer
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-  Portland celebrated Midsummer last weekend. The Finnish Midsummer Eve will be on Friday, June 20 and the Midsummer Day on Saturday, June 21. The weather forecast is not favorable, but there will still be thousands of bonfires (tuhansia juhannuskokkoja) all around Finland. Let's enjoy the longest days of the year!
-  The new picture shows a typical birch forest during Midsummer in Vuolenkoski
-  Please read the FFCPC Flyer here. Print it and distribute it to your friends and potential members.

Next Events (Details in 'Events' above):

Fin-Nic on Saturday, August 16, 2014, 12:00 n - 5:00 p.m.

- Finnish-American Historical Society of the West (FAHSW) and FFCPC will  team up again to organize a picnic for the Finns and friends of Finland

- Lindgren Cabin at Cullaby Lake, Clatsop County, Oregon (off Hwy 101)
;  Look for the sign!

Take a look into the details of the scheduled and planned interesting future events on the 'Events' page and get exited about your FFCPC!

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